Be Water, My Friend. Bruce Lee Martial Artist

Around the world, Living Water provides us the Truth of water and its capability to profoundly impact all aspects of our health. 

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia; zamzam water is well documented for plenty of medicinal value for curing illness. In Lourdes, France; there have been 69 medically confirmed miracles at Lourdes since the first appeared in 1858 and draws six million people every year. 

In Nordenau, Germany; Nordenau springs has reported to have cured blindness, debilitating back problems and high blood pressure. So many miracles were reported that the Nordenau springs caught the attention of the scientific community, which went on to acknowledge the water’s healing properties. 

In the 1930s Nobel prize winner, renowned physicist and father of fluid dynamics Dr. Henri Coanda studied the Hunza people of the Himalayans in Pakistan who have the longest lifespan in the world and live exceptionally healthy lives free from disease. 

Hunza people live to 120-140 years, in good health with virtually no cancer, degenerative disease, dental caries or bone decay. Hunza people remain robust, strong and are able to bear children into old age. Research proves conclusively that the local water supply is the primary causal factor of the healthy, long-living Hunza people.

Our current water options which include municipally treated water through the tap, bottled water and other liquids are dead/unstructured and are unable to provide any of the True benefits of water due to the degradation of energy through shipping, chemical treatment, bottling and distribution processes.

Celestine Water restores the energetic properties found in Living Water for optimal health.

  • Liquid Crystal or hexagonal/structured for bio-water alignment.
  • Hydrogen as the antioxidant which is being validated to provide profound health benefits with over 300 studies since 2007.
  • Bioavailable for efficient water absorption to hydrate cells.
  • Alkalinity for prevention of acidic stress which creates an environment for illness in the body. 

The water our DNA is surrounded by isn't the water we drink, it is structured or liquid crystal water which has the geometric pattern of a crystalline matrix (a diamond for example). The structure of our bio-water is organized and crystalline in nature and that this intelligent organization is critical to every single bio-chemical-electro reaction in our body. 

The function of both our consciousness and physical system are both reflective of and dependant upon the structure of our bio-water. Thus, affecting the structure of the water in our body has a direct effect on the function of the physical system, as well as our mental and emotional states.

Rustum Roy, a distinguished scientist, has called water the world's most "malleable computer" due to the ability of water to act as an operating system, contain storage capacity and continually update its system with information. 

These facts become very important when discussing our real water system in our body, how it operates, and what information it is storing.

This is the reason why our current water sources aren't able to provide any benefit, as a matter of fact are actually deteriorating our health due to water storing information that is detrimental; caused by all the processes required to commoditize. Luckily, as water has this capability as a malleable computer; we are able to restore the energetic properties that allows us to fully embrace the impact of water to our Life. 

The process to achieve this state of water is in two steps, the first is through the technology of electrolysis which provides hydrogen, alkaline and bioavailable properties and the second step is through quartz crystals which allows the liquid crystal (structured/hexagonal) property which is the same structure as bio-water - our bodily water - accounting for 99.5% of the molecules in the body.