The first step requires electrolysis technology which is provided through Enagic, other vendors claim to provide the same technology at a lower price point but there are quality, manufacturing, engineering and development standards which competitors are unable to match as Enagic has 50 years of experience along with numerous globally recognized standards achieved which provides the trust needed when a technology that produces the most vital substance for life is being invested in.


All the models displayed are able to restore the energetic properties found in Living Water. For further discussion of which model meets budget and requirements contact us for further consultation. As any other advanced technology; such as smartphones, laptops or TVs their has been substantial research and development to produce this technology and is reflected in price. As an investment in energy which is an investment in life no other consumer technology can match this value; as Dr. Barry Awe has stated, electrolysis technology is the cheapest miracle. 

Purchase Information

Name: Yasir Haseeb

E-Mail: maitreya@celestine.vision

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15 Year cost breakdown (USD) of the SD501 Model ($4,000 CDN) from Enagic compared to other water options.